Advisory Services

Moore Law Enforcement Group provides a range of specialized services to law enforcement agencies and businesses.

Special Projects & Mentoring

Course of instruction, policy development, and professional mentoring are just a few of the services that we are ready to deliver with custom solutions.

Consitutional Policing

Constitutional Policing

Constitutional policing – the idea that enforcement activities should comply with the US Constitution as well as state constitutions and court opinions – should be front of mind for all law enforcement professionals.

Internal Affairs

Moore Law Enforcement Advisory Group has experience conducting internal affairs as well as instructing supervisory and command level officers in how these investigations should be carried out both legally and procedurally.

Internal Affairs
Police Officer Talking to Child on Bike

Executive Search Services

Let us help evaluate and select the highly-skilled individuals needed to meet the unique needs of your organization and community.

Leadership Development

Today’s law enforcement agencies must be agile organizations, proactive about cross-training, succession planning, and leadership development at all levels.

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Strategic Planning

Moore Law Enforcement Advisor Group takes a research-based approach to strategic planning that provides the basis of any credible plan

Workplace Violence Programs

Organizations must be proactive before a potential incident with the goal of identifying risks and threats, and then mitigating or eliminating the same before a critical incident takes place.

Business Services

Services for Businesses

Training and assessments necessary to ensure they, along with their employees are protected and compliant with the law.